Zen Zen Wellness Rituals 

Hello! I am Deizy Duarte, the founder of Zen Zen Wellness Rituals :)

My interest in the holistic universe and consequently in crystals started in my early teens, when I started buying different books about astrology, witchcraft and angels. At that time, I remember my mother teaching me about angels, Feng Shui, crystals, herbs... All those teachings have always made a lot of sense to me and I honestly believe that they have greatly influenced my choices and journey.

Shortly after completing my graduation in Nutrition in 2010, I was attracted to NLP training*. This training opened my senses to what our minds are capable of doing when we want something or not! A few years passed and I have decided to move to Australia. However, for some reason, in the first years of living in this new physical home, I felt disconnected from myself - I turned off my spirituality, I lost myself in my purpose ... I was living a life without a destination.

Then, in 2020, a personally difficult year, marked by relearning how to live amid a pandemic, I decided to turn the key and seek solid changes for my reality. I decided to start with a Reiki course, which reconnected my mind and body. Gradually, things became clearer to me. I started to re-access my inner self and listen carefully to each small signal. In addition, I started to connect to the crystals, I created my self-love routine with mantras, meditation, basically a ritual that could help me feel better, centered and connected with myself.

The effects were so positive, that I decided to share that feeling of well-being by giving to a friend a ritual on her birthday. I prepared the ritual based on what I thought would be useful and necessary for her at that time. In the end, she was so grateful that I decided to endorse my knowledge to share it and help more people.

 Therefore, I created Zen Zen Wellness Rituals, as a way to share healing rituals and bring a holistic experience to anyone who wants to feel good, connected, energized and loved.


Namaste !!!


* Neurolinguistic Programming is a technique that describes the relationship between mind and verbal and non-verbal language... This research identified a set of models and patterns that influence the individual's mind, body and behaviour.

Scientists predict the oceans may contain more plastic than fish by weight by 2050, unless we take action. For this reason, one of our commitments is helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste with our no plastic policy and by prioritizing recycled paper packaging.

Deizy Duarte